..that the Bible is the Word of God, supernaturally inspired.


...that the Godhead exists eternally in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and that these three are one God.


...in God as the absolute sole creator of the universe, and that creation was by divine command, not through evolutionary process.


...that God, by His sovereign choice and out of love for man, sent Christ into the world to save sinners.


...that Jesus Christ in the flesh was both God and Man; that He was born of a virgin and that He lived a sinless life, in which He taught and wrought mighty works and wonders and signs exactly as revealed in the Four Gospels; that He was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins and was raised from the dead bodily on the third day. Later, He ascended to the Father's right hand where He is the head of the church and intercedes for believers and from whence He is coming again, bodily, visibly to the earth to receive His own.


...that it is the goal of every Christian to grow in spiritual maturity through obedience to the Word of God and the indwelling Spirit.


...that the Holy Spirit is a person who indwells all believers.


...that salvation is a free gift from God; it is not deserved nor can it be earned through our works. We believe that we are saved by God's grace, which we access by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. Because we believe in Jesus, we will show obedience through repentance, confession, Christian baptism, and living a Christian Life, led by the Holy Spirit.


CCY Preaching Pastor, Ron Rasmussen



CCY Youth & Family Pastor, Clay Parrett

The most important decision you will ever make in your life is whether or not you will accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, for this decision not only affects the rest of your life here on earth, but more importantly affects your eternal destiny... whether you spend eternity in heaven or hell.



So how do I begin a relationship with Jesus?

We believe that salvation is a free gift from God; it is not deserved, nor can it be earned through our works. We believe that we are saved by God's grace, which we access by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. Faith that is real expresses itself in action (not actions that earn, actions that reveal).


So, entering this new relationship with God calls for:


Belief - it is imperative that your relationship with God begins by believing that Jesus of Nazareth is the only Son of God, who came down from heaven to live as a man, and to die on a cross to take away the sin of all mankind, and then to rise bodily from the grave just 3 days after His death. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4


Repentance - Once I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the next step I must take is to change my life. The scripture calls this point of change "repentance." To repent is to change my mind in regard to sin and to turn from doing things "my way" to doing things "God's way." Acts 2:38


Confession - The Bible makes it very clear that we need to say that we believe in Jesus, that is to confess Him publicly. Of course after that first initial confession, we should continue to speak for Him in our everyday lives, not only by what we say but also by what we do. Romans 10:9


Baptism - Being baptized is a visible, God-chosen and God-commanded response of faith. In our baptism, we follow the example set by Jesus as He was baptized in the Jordan River. Not only did Jesus set the example, but He also commanded that we be baptized. Matt 28:19-20 The Greek word for baptism meant "to dip under water," making it clear that the New Testament baptism was always by immersion.




We invite you to come to CCY several times to see and experience the difference a relationship with Christ can make in your life. If you are considering membership at CCY, we encourage you to attend our Introduction to CCY class.



"Intro to CCY" is a 5-session event that meets on 5 consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:30 (45 minutes per class) to explain who we are, what we are about, and what it means to become a member of CCY. Our Preaching Pastor, Ron Rasmussen, leads this group using a laid-back, discussion style approach. Those who desire to ask questions are free to participate. All who complete the course are given the opportunity to join the church.



The class is on a resolving schedule, occurring  a number of times each year. Since it takes place during the children Sunday School hour, childcare for all ages is provided. All who complete "Intro to CCY" are encouraged to move on to attend other classes that will help them grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.



Next "Intro to CCY" Begins February 2018


We take Membership Seriously


Once you become a member of CCY, we encourage you to do the following:


-Attend weekly worship services

-Commit to a Care Group where you can build personal relationships.

-Serve as a volunteer at CCY in an area that interests you.


If you have any questions about church membership, please contact us at 405.354.0245



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