"Keep your eyes on the road but take time to check the rear view mirror." That's a common piece of advice every good driver has received from their instructor. Part of successfully getting to where you're going involves knowing where you've been. Acts is the story of the early church, a time in history when God was clearly involved laying the foundations of His great institution that has amazingly survived for thousands of years. It will do us well to take a look back into the mirror of God's word as we establish our road for the future.

April   8




May    6



Acts     8

Acts     9

Acts   10     (CCY Preaching Pastor, Ron Rasmussen)

Acts    11     (CCY Youth & Family Pastor, Clay Parrett)

Acts   12     (CCY Preaching Pastor, Ron Rasmussen)

Acts   13     (CCY Youth & Family Pastor, Clay Parrett)

Acts   14     (CCY Preaching Pastor, Ron Rasmussen)




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