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A minimum of 10% of CCY’s budget goes to outreach.  Below is a list of those we support in our community, in the region, and outside of the U.S.


Foreign Missions


Paul & Mary Wilson - Philippines


Jerry & Boonporn Thaprom - Thailand & Burma


John & Annie Phillipose - India Christian Bible College


'Kingdom Churches' *


In fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission, CCY accepted the challenge to build a church facility in a third world country each year from 2002 - 2016,  "15 churches in 15 years." Last year this goal was accomplished, with each year's giving averaging $25 - $30,000 (above our regular yearly missions support)!!

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Regional Missions


Ozark Christian College - Joplin, Missouri


Cookson Hills Christian School - Kansas, Oklahoma


Local Missions


Compassionate Hands - serves Yukon as a clearinghouse, networking, service, and referral agency to provide services, support and to foster hope for self-sufficiency


Manna Pantry – serves the community of Yukon as a temporary food source


Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children's Justice Center - exists to serve the the children and families of Canadian County, Oklahoma, with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion


College Scholarship Fund – sponsoring students who are attending Bible college and planning to go into ministry


Benevolence - Helping those within our church body and our community




Your donation helps our missions overseas and here at home.


From Jerry Thaprom April 2017


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We hardly realize that the month of April is already here. As Boonporn is busy with the children's home work,

I have been working on correspondences from the Rvwang Christians world wide, about false teachings of

Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, false good news group and Gnostic teachings which have been confronting them daily. The Rvwang refugees from Australia have asked me to explain for them the docetism of Gnostic teaching widely spread by a Burmese preacher known as Dr. Theing Htey. From Rvwang refugees in Malaysia and Singapore have asked me to explain for them Jehovah's Witness, Mormon and the good news teachings of Oak Soo Park of Korea. So I spent February and March doing research and writing answers to those questions from the countries mentioned above. The Rvwang refugees from the United States also asked me to explain for them about modern day prophecies and speaking in tongues. It is so shocking to know that false teachings of all sorts have been spreading among the Rvwang refugees world wide, and it is a great concern nowadays for all Christians who are lack of  sound Bible doctrine. I am answering to their questions through emails or through facebook and through other media. I feel like I am in a media mission. Please pray for my fellow Rvwang people what have scattered world wide and are facing this situation, so I am greatly concerned about them. I have a prayer request for the month of May and June. I am asked by Putao Christians, north Burma to teach one week of Bible seminar. The seminar will start on May 31- June 5, 2017. I am asked to prepare to teach 6 hours a day. Most of the people who will attend this seminar are area preachers, evangelists, Christian leaders and Christian women leaders from all northern Burma. At the end of the seminar will be the celebration of  50th anniversary of Putao Bible Seminary. This Bible school was the one I had attended 50 years ago before I went ot Ozark Bible College in Joplin, Missouri. Since I was the first alumnus of this institution I was asked to be a major speaker. I know this is a golden opportunity to speak to them to encourage all Christians there. I especially want to address them on the Christian unity because there

has been fractions and divisions among the churches there. I am very anxious to go. But I need travel fund and for the hotel accommodation. I will need at least $3,000 for the round trip plus lodging and lesson copies. I will appreciate your prayers and for your help on this if you can. May God bless you richly.


With Togetherness in His Services,






From Paul Wilson March 2017


Elephant Churches & Rabbit Churches!



  Some history! In 1985 when I first moved to Negros, there were 14 churches on the island. Most years since then, two or three new churches have been started yearly by various preachers and evangelists.  Some of these churches are in the cities, some in the mountains, some have buildings, and some meet in homes. We are thankful for the many faithful workers who are not supported by VFM but are strongly committed to starting churches.   There are now close to 100 churches on Negros Island that have been started by yearly additions.  The growth has been steady but slow, however the population on Negros has doubled during that time.  Can we do better? We pray that the existing churches will continue to be healthy and grow.  It is only as churches train more disciples that we will then have new daughter churches.  Leadership Training is vital to have before any church planting will happen. Often in the past the focus was on new Christians and not on making new disciples. As we focus on making disciples, new churches will result, and there will be new Christians. We need to be more aggressive in starting new churches! It begins with prayer and then training  others. We can't do it by ourselves, but we have the promise and help of God's Spirit.



  The Future! The good news is that some churches are starting to grow not by addition, but by multiplication (like rabbits). Several  leaders are praying, training and hoping to start churches more rapidly.  The Bunga Tayasan Church in Negros Oriental area has five outreach house churches, and the Kabankalan Church of Christ has recently started four new house outreach churches. Several other churches are having a greater vision for rapid church multiplication and are starting churches. An elephant church says "come" to worship with us, but a rabbit church is focused on the idea of "go."  An established church has a set time of worship each week, but a "Simbalay" house church can meet at any time. They will go to any place, at any time, to share with anyone  the gospel!   Pray for more workers to be trained!    May God renew in us an urgency to start more churches!



“May we double the number of churches

on Negros Island by 2020”



  Double Vision


When one has perfect eye sight, it is called 20/20 Vision.  May God give us His Vision, His great Compassion for the lost, and His Desire for the kingdom of God to grow.


May by the year 2020  we encourage every church on Negros to have a baby church!


May we go from having 100 churches on Negros to having 200 churches by the year 2020.


Pray that God can use VFM to encourage churches to continue to be healthy - by training more leaders - which will result in the starting of many new churches by 2020!   Equip to Evangelize!






  Livelihood Update


Meet Nino Abobot, pastor of Uptown Christian Church in Don Salvador! He is currently building a place to raise quail and chickens.  The above picture shows our recent delivery of "nipa" (which is a grass used for roofing), for the livelihood building being constructed. We need to purchase 200 layer chicken and 1,000 quail to disperse here and at another future location.


This would be a great opportunity for a youth, children's worship, or adult Sunday School project.  If anyone is interested in helping on these projects, please email me directly:


A layer hen is approximately $10.


A laying quail is approximately 90 cents.


We rejoice that VFM was able to help with a welder for a livelihood project this past month.


We were able to donate 4 goats this month to pastors to help start their own livelihood programs!



Mary Wilson had to make an emergency trip to the USA for her Uncle Harold's illness and funeral in Holton, Kansas.  She will be returning to the Philippines on March 13th.  I miss her!  She will return just in time for our VSL graduation and the start of our summer activities.  Please keep her travel in your prayers. Mary has been sick for the last two weeks with a bad cold. She has had two visits to the doctor.  Pray she will be well before travelling back next Monday.


Pray also for VFM's finances. We  are  trying to  purchase land here in Bacolod.  This land will be used for leadership training, camp, sports, our VSL Bible college, and hopefully a new church! We are working on a contract now.


Pray for our workers and church leaders, for new churches, and the growth of leadership training.


Pray for us to have God's wisdom on how to encourage and help churches and leaders!


Praise for the several new churches being started recently!


We rejoice that VFM is helping with church construction  at two locations currently!



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