Clay Parrett - Youth & Family Pastor

Clay is always willing to take you out for a cup of coffee for two good reasons--he loves people and he loves coffee!  He’s been serving at CCY since 1997, wearing a number of different hats because of his multi-giftedness.  He is high-energy but not so much that you won’t catch him occasionally sitting back with one of his guitars (he has a collection), singing a praise song or even enjoying a Colts game on TV.  He is a committed husband to his wonderful wife, Jennifer, and a dedicated father to his two boys, Luke and Zach.  One of his preferred subjects is leadership so you might find him reading Andy Stanley or Steve Farrar.  Though he is not beyond getting into a nerf gun war with the youth, Clay loves even more getting into the Word and sharing it with others in a dynamic, down-to-earth style.


Justin Dieball - Youth Ministry

Don’t be fooled—Justin Dieball may have a very calm, easy going, relaxed demeanor but he is one passionate personality on the inside.  Right beneath his love for Christ you will find he is passionate about his family, his friends, CCY students and yes, even his dog, Jolene!  In addition to his loves he has many “likes,” as his hobbies include music, photography, electronics, and camping out in the great outdoors.  As a young man, Justin has a lot of old in him: he enjoys exploring old long-ago-abandoned buildings as well as reading the books of late authors C.S. Lewis and Brian Jacques.  Of course, you won’t find him without some dislikes.  He avoids any food with ginger and is never passionate about the New England Patriots!  He is always up for a rerun of “Star Trek, the Next Generation” or anything that features Jack Black (“that dude is hilarious,” Justin says).  You will never see him throw cold water on a new idea as he is always excited about trying the untried.  He lives out the passage, “In Christ, all things are new.” (2 Cor. 5:7)


Carol Kunzie

 Finance Administrator

Carol pulls no punches when you ask her to describe herself.  She uses just one word—“short!”  Of course that’s quite a clue to her personality—honest and secure!  And that’s just the kind of person we need in charge of the church’s day to day finances.  Having her daughter, Charli, and family (The Childers) right here at CCY feeds one of Carol’s greatest joys, her family.  She is an avid shopper (her favorite hobby to engage in with close friends).  She’s always good for another showing of "Steel Magnolias" and enjoys the series, "Blue Bloods".  Always trying to grow in her Christian walk, Carol stays regularly involved in group Bible Study and reading authors like John MacArthur.

Dana Park - Children's Ministries

Though musically trained, a certified fitness instructor and a professional actor (you may have seen her in a local commercial), one of Dana Park’s greatest gifts is her love for children; and they love her.  She has been at CCY since 2010 where her co-workers use adjectives like positive, fun, outgoing and kind-hearted to describe her.  She and her  husband, Todd, have three children, yet somehow in her “spare time” she manages to garden, decorate, make crafts and exercise.  If you look down Dana’s list of favorites, it would include the color pink, author Francine Rivers, singer Celine Deion and the television show, “The Voice.”


Tori Davis - Children's Ministries

If you want to find Tori, just look for the kids.  They flock around her.  And she never seems to be harried or hassled by our little ones.  In fact, she says that children always make her smile. At the same time, Tori shows her appreciation of all ages when she talks about her grandfather as a great influence in her life or Audrey Hepburn as her favorite actress!  She enjoys reading Francine Rivers, watching "Big Brother", and laughing through "When Harry Met Sally".  By nature, Tori is very caring and nurturing; that’s perfect for the one in charge of CCY’s Nursery–Kindergarten.  Oh, and one more thing that makes her kid-friendly—she’s afraid of clowns!


Cheri Withington - Children's Ministries

People are surprised when they realize that Cheri, who still has a very youthful, fit appearance, has birthed 12 children!  She and her husband, Scott, have a done a wonderful job of raising “their own dozen.”  Her highly compassionate and giving nature means there are times when others have to remind her to stop and take a breath.    Cheri enjoys author, Nicholas Sparks, cooking and just about any Disney production.  Her main areas of responsibility in CCY’s Children’s Ministries is Wednesday evening’s, grades 1-5, as well as using her organizational skills that assist with room preparation and curriculum printouts.


Shepherd, Joe Quickel

In many ways, Joe is the face of CCY, always somewhere near the lobby Sunday mornings greeting all-comers. There isn’t a kid or a dog that doesn’t like “Mr. Joe.,” and that tells you volumes about the man.

 He also works every Wednesday evening with our 4th & 5th grade boys in Royal Warriors Joe would tell you the worst day of golf is better than the best day of...anything else. He enjoys his family and especially his grandkids. You've got a friend in Joe!

Shepherd, David Ruedy

David is our "tech" guy. If it's broken he can fix it! He serves his CCY family as a leader of the Tech Ministry, and you will often find him odd hours at the church repairing

and/or improving our technology.

 In his free time he enjoys working on antique cars. So if you happen to see a 1908 Cadillac some day around town, it could well be David behind the wheel!

Shepherd, Kyle Meeks

In age, Kyle Meeks may be CCY’s youngest shepherd but in Christian character, he is far beyond his years.  Kyle is married to Amanda, a source of true joy in his life.  Late in 2014, their firstborn, Mason, became the family’s newest addition.  Some of Kyle’s friends tease him about his predictability, calling him “robot,” but just when you think you have him pegged, he jumps on his motorcycle and heads for an off-road enduro or throws on his mud cleats for a neighborhood football game.  Kyle is intrigued by the the world of Christian apologetics, one reason he’s a C.S. Lewis enthusiast.  But again, before you pigeon-hole him as a total intellectual realize he also has Clive Cussler novels in his personal library (as well as a video of Liam Neeson’s Taken!).  Kyle has committed himself to making disciples of Christ “a few at a time,” something he is always willing to sit down and discuss.


Shepherd, Drew Hamilton

Drew plays rhythm guitar in the praise band and loves working with our youth. He serves us all everyday as an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman, usually piloting an OHP helicopter. Along with music, Drew enjoys spending time with his family and grandson, Jayden, and vacationing in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Shepherd, Ryan Porter

Here is a man who is a true student of God’s word.  Though not a pastor by trade, Ryan’s interests have led him all the way to a Masters in Theology.  He has a passion for clearly understanding and teaching Bible truth.  His loyalties to God, family & country are obvious in his everyday lifestyle.  But don’t misunderstand, Ryan isn’t too spiritual to have blast at a Thunder game, enjoy a “Lord of the Rings” movie or roll around the living room floor laughing with his kids.  He somehow manages to even work in a couple of hobbies, running and woodworking.  Ryan is sold out to the mission of discipling others to be deep followers of Christ.

Shepherd, Jim McWaters

As a top notch student of God's Word, Jim serves at CCY as teacher, mentor and group leader. As a former preacher, he does a great job occasionally filling the CCY pulpit. Originally from Minnesota, Jim has a lot of humorous Scandinavian wit. You might find him on the golf course with Joe and Pastor Ron on a sunny day (or even a rainy day) After all, he's a northerner -- weather doesn't bother him!

Shepherd, Chris Webber

Don’t put ketchup, mustard or mayo on Chris’ burger.  However, just because he likes his burgers plain doesn’t mean he is!  Chris loves the great outdoors—skiing (snow or water), hiking and competitive sports.  Even his business (construction) often puts him outside.  He is definitely gifted with a patient kindness that shows in areas like parenting and shepherding.  If you want to make him laugh bring up the University of Texas--obviously he is an Oklahoma boy through and through!  For entertainment Chris might pick up a good book by Max Lucado, a novel by James Patterson or turn on an episode of “Person of Interest,” but if you ask him his absolute top priorities he has a wonderfully succinct answer: “Get to heaven.  Be a good husband.  Be a good dad.”


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